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Support - Getting Started
In a few minutes you can exploring a rich fantasy world, with lots of possibilities!!

Christmas Friends is a standalone program, meaning you will have to download and install our program first. This guide will help you getting started.

Make sure you have the following system requirements before installing our Christmas Friends software:

- Pentium 233 Mhz, 32 MB RAM
- 1 MB RAM video card
- 80 Mb Harddisk
- Windows All versions are supported
- Direct x 7.0 or above
- an internet connection.

Step 1 :: Download
1      Goto the download client page, which can be found here.
2      On the client-page click on the link telling to: 'download Christmas Friends as auto-setup'. 
3      The download window should pop up, run or download the file to your harddrive.
4      Run the downloaded file, remember where you downloaded it on the harddrive ;)

Step 2 :: Installation
1      Run the downloaded setup file (see above)
2      First you should accept our disclaimer by clicking 'Yes'.
3      The installation will ask where to install the Christmas Friends software on your harddrive.
4      You can change the location by clicking 'Browse'.
5      Finally click on 'Next >' to start the installtion.
6      Wait a few seconds untill all files have been copied.
7      The installtion finally tells you it finished copying all files.
8      Click the 'OK' button to finish the installtion.

Step 3 :: Play Christmas Friends
1      Now the software is installed you can find it in your start menu.
2      Enter the START menu (lower/left corner) and browse to Programs.
3      In the programs folder should be a new item called 'Christmas Friends'
4      Now click on 'Play Christmas Friends' and your adventures will begin :)

Having Trouble?
Be sure to have 'direct x' installed on your computer. Also visit our frequently asked questions for more information about our game software. 

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